Full Color Brochures Drive Business

Color Brochure Printing Draws Attention to Your Business

color printed brochures do more than promote a product, they are essensial to brand your company

Brand your company: Brochures and Sell Sheets

For literally pennies on the dollar, perhaps no other means of showcasing your business is so inexpensive and beneficial than a color printed brochure. 

Color brochure printing adds impact, whereas color brochures printed from a desktop printer have a tendency to look shoddy, like an afterthought. 

A brochure says a lot about your business when you hand out a trifold brochure that looks homemade.

Color print brochures can also be used to establish brand identity.  When customers see your logo on your website, business cards and business brochure, they will be able to identify your company easily.  It's called 'brand recognition'.  Yet, many business owners don't know the first thing about printing a brochure.  They think that business brochure printing is just another facet of the corporate marketing materials.

"Color print brochures can also be used
to establish brand identity"

5 Color Brochure Design Printing Tips for Smart Businesses
With all of the digital brochure printing services available online and within local resources, it may be confusing to determine which digital color printing brochure service might be best. 

Design tips for your brochures

Too many businesses try to pack a lot of information within a small space.  After all, a typical tri-fold brochure is only A4 – letter size 8 ½ x 11" brochure folded twice to represent three panels per side.  What should you do to create a design that appeals to prospects?

  • Add Creativity:  Some people are technically competent, while others are more creatively inclined. Hiring a graphic designer to create your color brochure may be worth the extra investment to ensure a high quality and creative color brochure design. Make your business stand above the rest!
  • Study Competitors Brochure Designs:  Choosing the best elements – or noticing undesirable traits of competitive business brochures – is a great way to make your business brochure even better than theirs.
  • Less is More.  Too many businesses try to cram a lot of copy in a small tri fold size brochure.  Hire a copy writer to write compelling brochure content; with grabbing headlines and plenty of calls to action that turns prospects into paying clients.
  • Offer Incentives – If you want a fast gauge as to whether your color printed brochure is getting results, you can include a discount, survey or incentive for customers to bring the print brochure back for money saving values.  (As an example, think of tire companies that offer a free oil change, etc.)
  • Use a High Quality Color Printing Company – Companies like Color Copies USA can provide a high level of color brochure printing quality that will make a huge impact on your clients, without hurting your marketing budget in the process. 
color printed brochures do more than promote a product, they are essensial to brand your company

Offset Printing is used to produce color brochures. The inks used to print are made out of picments that give the inks their color. Pigments are insoluble, powdered, inorganic and keep colors for many years. The image above is a composed image that shows the types of pigments used to manufacture inks.



Printing a color brochure is an investment in your business, so once you make the decision to print a color brochure, don't try to take the cheapest route or make the mistake of getting cheap brochures that look like your son's homework assignment.  Go with a trusted and reputable color printing company for guaranteed results such as Color Copies USA..





"Some tips to create your brochures:
Well written copy
Have calls to action
Offer incentives"

Once you have made the resolution to present a more powerful side of your business, you will need to decide on the best elements and colors that best represent your company.

At Color Copies USA we have extensive experience in providing effective advice to our customers. Our professional graphic designers will work step by step with you to create the perfect card for you

Since 1972 we've helped companies prosper and find new opportunities for growth.


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