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In an Era of Online Technologies – Do Printed Business Cards Still Matter?

exchanging business cards creates a powerful connection between people
Exchanging business cards creates a world of opportunities that is still unmatched by technology

For most business owners, the thought of operating without a color business card is out of the question and downright inconceivable.

"Would you opperate without
business cards? Most business
people don't think so

That's because good business minded people understand the following needs:

  1. Not only to establish the business' identity,
    but also
  2. the need to keep critical circulation of new leads flowing in for the company.

Color Business cards give a business owner the best opportunity to put their name in front of potential customers on a day-to-day basis.

Custom business cards also serve as a personal way to exchange information using customized logos, color photos or industry-specific terms in a small amount of space.

With today's internet, is a business card still important?
Yes, and here is why:

The internet boom created a vacuum of marketing ideas, making it possible for virtually everybody to put their name on the web for very little money.

this is an example of a business card that has been properly set

This is a printed full color business card that contains the necessary information and ersonality

The strength of networking that was once done traditionally at industry trade shows and business mixers or special events is now at everyone's fingertips.  Especially in the beginning, the internet was used as a way to basically get free business cards or cheap business cards online.
Ingenious marketing, indeed;

But the truth is that there is a certain level of personal relationship that is created when a business card is exchanged from one person to another

Color business card printing no longer requires the long waiting times that past business card printers had to impose on their clients.

The fact of the matter is;

  • Business cards are still necessary to instill corporate professionalism. 
  • Cards are a self-promotional item; therefore the goal is to make the most of their appearance in a small amount of space. 

The strengths of getting your business cards on the open market depend upon the region or type of customers that you want to target.

Examples: if you are in the construction field; you may want classic full color business cards with an architectural style background. Or, if you are in a restaurant business or retail type of industry, you may want 4 color business cards with appropriate graphics.

So you see, the market actually dictates what kind of color business card makes the most sense for you.

Get color printing from the business card printing business
Even with all of the marketing tools and color printing options that are available to you via the internet, there is nothing that can land you a job faster than a simple handshake and traditional swapping of color business cards.  The reason is simple; it's personal.
When people go on the internet, they don't really know what type of person you are and can only venture a guess as to whether you have a legitimate business. However, when you meet someone face-to-face or send a personalized business card, they get a chance to see how you are first hand.  And that will generally be enough to get things started.

Your business card should have the right amount of information and should be pleasent to read and nice and attractive so that people can identify it easily. Here are two examples of cards that are not properly formatted: These two examples either contain too much information, or don't have enough open area.

too much information in this business card


Once you have made the resolution to present a more powerful side of your business, you will need to decide on the best elements and colors that best represent your company.

At Color Copies USA we have extensive experience in providing effective advice to our customers. Our professional graphic designers will work step by step with you to create the perfect card for you

Since 1972 we've helped companies prosper and find new opportunities for growth.

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