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Deluxe Retractable Banners on this page: 
Deluxe 33"x80" - Single-Sided
• Standard: 33"x79" -
Click Here for more information on Standard Units


Ordering Deluxe Retractable Banners

Example #1
Q:  I want to get 3 Single-Sided Deluxe Retractable Banners. The image of each banner is different.
A:  Enter and select as follows:
     - Quantity: 3
     - Version: "Each banner is different"
     - Type of Unit: Choose the type of unit of your preference

Remember to select the type of retractable banner that better fits your needs

This image will try to represent the product that you are trying to order as accurately as possible. Use this image as a reference only.

standard retractable banners
Picture of a Deluxe Retractable Banner

Top section of rectractable banner: top bar and pole
Detail of the top bar that holds the poster, and its encounter with the adjustable pole
Deluxe retractable banners: Carrying case from color copies usa
Carrying Case - Picture
Stand of deluxe retractable banner: re-adjustable spring mechanism that is easy to access and use - tools free
Detail of the rolling and spring mechanisms.
No tools are necessary to work on this unit.
Deluxe Retractable Banners are the preferred roll-up banner for companies willing to project a good first impression. It is often the cornerstone of trade show displays.


This Deluxe Stand will setup in a matter of seconds. It will not tip, looks amazing and is ideal for multiple use. This stand just needs two parts to make it work.

No tools are necessary to adjust the unit.

  • The bottom stand, an oval-shaped metal body with chrome plated ends.
  • The pole. This adjustable pole has 3 sections. The lower and middle sections fit one into the other. The upper section is adjustable in its position. Simply turning clockwise / counterclockwise one into the other fixates the position.

There are some unique features to this product.

  1. You receive a stand ready to be used: The stand, the graphics and the carrying bag are included.
  2. Matt lamination.
  3. The image is printed on a smooth, non-curling ployester substrate for optimal image reproduction.



This Deluxe Stand will setup in a matter of seconds. No tools are necessary.


Lamination in itself represents an added value of over $70 that you don't usually get from other vendors. Contained in this neat cushioned carrying case, the body of the stand has a top quality spring that is found in many of our more expensive models.


Key features
A - Image Size: 33.25" x 80"
B - Highly stable
C - Firm and strong adjustable pole
D - High quality body
E - Strong spring mechanism with easy tension reloading
F - Image replacement is quite simple on this unit
G - Cushioned carrying case
H - Fast to assemble
I - Weight - 15Lbs
J - Will print at high resolution. GRAPHIC DESIGN
Click Here for tips and requirements for the graphic design of your retractable banner


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